Take a Rotarian to Lunch! (TARTL)

Salem Sunrise Rotary TARTL Assignments for October-December 2017

This member takes this member to lunch/breakfast/coffee

Paul Evans                    Keith Martin

Bob Thomas                 Tim Sparks

Evan Sorce                    Mike Gotterba

Egon Bodtker                Becky Lu Hummer

Mel Fuller                      Jerry Thompson

Glen Jones                    Paul Bonar

Kathleen Harder           Dan Lowrie

Rhonda Prodzinski        Aaron Cooper

Sue Thompson              Stephanie Eddy

Steven Goto                  Tom Reti 

Shellie Griffin                Bob Pool

Chuck Itoh                    Page Merrill

Taker must complete TARTL by December 31, 2017 or pay a $10 fine.

Reminder that during the period if your TARTL partner misses a meeting please check with her or him to make sure they are ok. Yes We Care!