Salem Sunrise Rotary Meeting Roles


  • Arrive at 6:30—Check to ensure room is set up
  • Greet all members and guests---Make them feel welcome
  • Enter visitors at the bottom of the sign in sheet. Pay attention as you will be asked to introduce them during the meeting
  • Ensure program presenter receives any needed assistance.
  • All members must sign in. Remind members to enter make-ups.
  • Promote weekly raffle
  • Program speakers eat for free
  • Prospective members and students eat for free
  • Visiting Rotarians pay $10 for breakfast


  • (Raffle proceeds are needed to support programs and projects funded by the Sunrise Foundation. We need to raise at least $30 per week to make our budgeted revenue.)
  • Arrive at 6:30. Set item on sign-in table and prepare tickets (sets of 3) for sale.
  • Bring an item of a value that attendees will probably risk at least $2 to win ($20-$30)
  • Sell tickets---3 for $2. Single ticket = $1
  • At end of meeting have program speaker or another person draw winning ticket. First ticket drawn is the winner whether still present or not


  • Arrive by 6:45
  • Prepare or adlib a 15+ second Rotary prayer or statement suitable for Rotary (non-discriminatory, non-political, non-denominational)


  • (All materials needed for a Club meeting are stored in the rooms behind the podium. Center 50+ may periodically rearrange these rooms.)
  • 4 large banners on rear wall are stored in a tube
  • Collect members badges and store in black box with sign-in sheets
  • Store raffle box
  • Store multi-flag display
  • Small banner on podium, bell and gavel are stored in clear plastic tub.

Rotary Minute

  • Prepare a 1-3 minute program on some aspect of Rotary. Topic can personal or not but should be related to Rotary history, Avenues of Service, Membership or other topic of value.
  • Arrive by 6:45