TARTL Take a Rotarian to Lunch (or breakfast or coffee)

This is our wasy of getting to know our members on a one on one basis outside of club meetings and sevice project.

Sometimes it is just nice to finally ge to know your fellow Rotarian over a cup of coffee and a good conversation. 



Salem Sunrise Rotary TARTL invitations for November/December 2016

This member                       invites               this member

Karolina                                                                  Keith

Tom                                                                        Bob Pool

Aaron                                                                  Bob Thomas

Paul Bonar                                                                        Glen

Jerry                                                                            Egon

Sue                                                                       Dan

Mel                                                                      Marilyn

Steven                                                                 Becky Lu

Paul Evans                                                                  Mike

                                                                                                                                                                           Margarita                                                            Jerry

Page                                                                    Massimo


Please complete your invitations by December 31, 2016 or pay a $10 fine. 

Note to reader:  if your TARTL partner misses the TARTL give them a call to see if they are ok, yes we do care.